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Practicing Divine Forgiveness

Forgiveness is a powerful energy of healing transformation. It allows for those events of the past that have hurt you so, to become permanently released and let go. When we hold on to the heavy burdens of the past, made of pain and sorrow, of anger and frustration, of guilt and shame, we allow those thoughts and emotions to be carried into the present moment, where they continue to be triggered into life. For these feelings arise from fear, negating loves peaceful grace. Ever present behind the scene, eating away at our soul, dragging us down, ever lower and lower, exhausting weights that limit our expression and the true divine nature of our loving soul. And yet forgiveness allows for those weights to simply drop away, opening to loves sweet embrace, that forever sets us free, from the pain of the past, that has followed us so persistently.

Those events of the past that have caused us so much pain and sorrow, are simply a result of our misperceptions. Misperceptions about our self and our life carried foreword within our heart and mind. For these misperceptions comprise emotionally charged thoughts established in our child hood and from life to life upon the reincarnational wheel. Statements about our self, we make deep inside. ‘I am unworthy of love, love is painful, love hurts me so, the world is not safe, I am not good enough, I am not worthy to be me, I am bad, I am guilty, I should not be free.’ And so statements such as these, created in the distant past, become an established reality. Thoughts and feelings hidden away in the recesses of our soul personality, continuing the cycle of pain and suffering, that ever arise in our daily lives.

Our creator is a forgiving God. When invited, divine love simply bestows forgiveness upon each one of us. It liberates and transforms the strangle hold of the past, without condition or limitation. Simply the grace of Gods forgiveness, bestowed upon our hearts. Ask and you shall receive, the grace of divine forgiveness given unconditionally.

The ability to forgive others and ourselves is a recognition that all human beings are suffering. Unconsciously acting out their lessons in a multitude of ways, until they become mastered. For these lessons are likened to dramas, designed to help us turn within and discover the truth that lays within our heart and mind. And in this process, we begin to unravel the untruths we have held about our self and our life. Misperceptions that we have made so real in our life.

Suffering, pain and sorrow are simply holdovers from the past. In truth they are done with and complete, if we can just let them be so. They are stories we continue to tell ourselves, carried forward into the present moment of now, where they have create prisons for our hearts and minds, held forever in place by anger, fear and guilt. Feelings that must be felt once more and then relinquished to Gods pure grace. For it is the invocation of divine forgiveness that enters our very being, dismantling those cages once and for all, where the stories of the past are relegated to their appropriate place. Emotional disturbance gently slipping away, replaced with God’s love, peace and grace.

And when we come to the crux of the matter, each human being is simply desperate to know true love, in this adventure through time and matter. Not realizing loves peace and joy resides deep within their heart, ever present if they but looked into their light. A love that is free to us all, divine grace radiating from the seat of the soul. For each human being is now destined to be free, from the shackles of the past, that has bound us so tightly. And so we can live from the liberated moment of this now, where love and forgiveness is our natural way, freely given and received. For we can now be true, to the love and peace that naturally resides in our hearts.

For it is only in the now, free from the stories of the past, in peace and love, where our thoughts and feelings can return to balance once more. Where we are able to move forward and know, our greater truths at the seat of our soul. That each one of us holds divine love in our hearts. That our love needs to be shone into the world once more. For the world requires the love we have hidden and denied too long. It needs the remembrance of our letting go. It craves forgiveness for those who have trespassed against us, and for those we have simply trespassed against. For we have all trespassed so. It is simply the time to forgive and let go, liberating our spiritual selves in this divine moment of now.

And if you choose to call upon Gods loving grace, ask now to experience the power of forgiveness it offers you. Open and allow, and you shall receive. Feel the warmth and tingling that begins to flow freely. Allow yourself to perceive, without effort or trying. Feel the energy that forgiveness bestows upon you. Let the suffering of the past now fall away. Direct your forgiveness to that which needs your love. Open to the possibility that you can be permanently free. Let it to be so and allow the past to go. Feel the weight simply fall away, lighter and lighter you become, as divine forgiveness and grace flows and elevates your soul.

And if you choose, invoke Gods grace everyday. A forgiveness for self and those who hurt you. At last liberating those painful events of the past. And so as you let them go and allow it to be so. Feel the gratitude that comes over your soul. For at last divine forgiveness can set you free, from the wounds of the past that for too long have been carried inside of you.

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