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What Is Soul Love?

“Today I ask my higher self to help me freely give and receive soul love.”

Soul love is pure love. It is constant and unconditional. It is the natural state of your being. Soul love is a power to be remembered and embodied once again. It uplifts and elevates all that it touches. It transforms and heals. It is truly magic revealed.

Soul love is a condition of your spirit. It is your original state. It is comprised of peace and purity; happiness and joy; acceptance and forgiveness; empathy and compassion; truth and knowledge: and all the high qualities of your being.

Soul love overcomes all. It can truly change the world in a blink of an eye. Rapidly transforming all our lives. For soul love connects us all, so that we may remember we are one. And so it always helps us remember the Source of All – the God, the Creator, the light behind it all.

Soul love is a great power. It is immense. It is strong and flexible. It does not judge. It always forgives. It opens like a fragrant flower when you simply allow it do so. All it requires is watering with your nurturing intention. Bringing your awareness to what sits inside. Feeding it with your focused attention. For if you look into your heart, beyond the walls of protection, you discover a great light at your core. A light that shines so brightly – pure, pristine and perfect in every way.

The light in your heart represents your love. A radiant love that permeates all. It is apart of all things. It is one with the creator of all. It resides deep within your heart, at the core of your being. And when you delve inwards towards its bright light, you will truly be delighted by what you find. With patience and persistence you will most certainly discover, soul love hiding away deep at your core. And so it is time now, to remove your protective walls and reveal loves light to one and all.

All that is required to find the source of your love, is your clear intention to do so. A true willingness to find and know the love at your core. For your intention to find the love that resides inside, brings those walls gently tumbling down. You have fervently believed those walls have protected you in this life. And yet they are now hurting and limiting your life. The love in your heart is the true power. It does not need protecting. It radiates outwards transforming all. It creates a field of consciousness and energy that manifests love all around you. A love based reality that reflects this truth back to you. And in that moment of revelation, you know with out a doubt, all can truly be well for you.

This world of suffering is simply a reflection of non-love. It is created by people who are in fear, feeling unworthy to know who they truly are. It is people who blindly destroy and hurt. It is people who take no responsibility for the anger and hatred they feel in their broken hearts. It is people who are destroying the world. For it is people who cannot believe they embody pure love. And yet, the masters of old have revealed the way, that we all know so well, deep inside of our soul. It simply comes down to whether we choose to remember today.

It starts in childhood. Those walls begin to grow. It is a word or action that hurts the child so. The child’s mind is not yet fully formed. It cannot clearly understand or discern. It does not realize those deeds were simply caused by their loved ones hurting hearts. The child takes it so literally and then embodies that moment of hurt so deeply and physically. Statements like: ‘ I can’t love anymore. It hurts too much. How can I trust this thing called love. How can I love myself. I must be wrong. It’s my fault all along. I’m bad. I’m wrong. I tried so hard to make them feel better.’

And there it goes, the spiral downwards from loves pure expression and form. For the child only wants to help those it loves. The child came to carry loves brilliant torch. To help lift the burdens from the hearts of those they love. And yet the souls remembrance is lost. The flame that once burnt so brightly begins to dim. Conformity and adherence to this world, causing a painful constriction within. The walls grow ever higher and higher, thicker and thicker, until the light is obscured and disappears deep within. And so the child grows up to fit perfectly in.

And so it is not until we are adults, that we really begin to understand. To realize that there must be more. And so we seek within to find loves light once more. To realize the truth of what has been. To dismantle those walls that have grown so high. To find the love that resides deep inside. And so the cycle is brought to a close, and we raise our children to be free, expressing love’s grace once more. We mirror what can be. A life that is in remembrance of our true divine light at our core. SOUL LOVE at last revealed and radiated outward into this world of physical form.

Tips: Opening To Soul Love

1. Connect to the Source.     2. Let go of unworthiness, fear and doubt.   3. Raise your consciousness and vibration.     4. Blend with your higher self.     5. Ask to open to soul love.       

6. Be willing to receive and feel.     7. Become very gently and soft inside.     8. Forgive yourself and others.     9. Give love to your inner child.     10. Feel love in your body.     11. Express and radiate soul love.                       


SOUL-SOLUTIONS EXPLORE:  Private Consultations and Personal Sessions explore: Creative visualization, visioning, guided imagery, guided meditation and  interactive guided imagery.

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