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Exploring Past Life Regression

Past life regression is a powerful tool of spiritual growth and development. It helps the practitioner open to  multiple layers of soul memory. Soul memory stores every thought, feeling, act and deed the soul has ever experienced over a numerous life times. When un-reconciled past life experiences become entrenched belief systems, they are carried over into subsequent life times, causing conflict and limitation, until a resolution is found. These can be called our karmic life challenges that we are here to overcome and master.

For many people, past lives initially arise as fleeting images, thoughts and feelings. As we go deeper, they become more and more vivid, until we are able to re-live a peak past life experience with full immersion of all our sense perceptions. This is usually the result of developing the proper internal meditative skill sets, so helpful for past life regression.

It is always important to set a clear intention, asking your spirit or higher self to help orchestrate your past life remembrance. This ensures you only get those experiences you are ready for. Early on, past life remembrance brings forth those lives and events that are powerfully impacting your life today. They tend to be less positive and carry the original cause of those blocks and obstacles that stand in the way of living from your spiritual authenticity. As they come to the light of conscious awareness, the convoluted story of your souls journey unravels, little by little, until resolution and peace is found.

People’s experiences are as varied as you can imagine. The nature of our reality is so much more than we have been taught. The vastness of our soul and its journey through time is incredible to behold. It changes our very perspective about our life, our relationships and the world around us.

People discover they have lived throughout history. They experience themselves as both male and female, as well as every race upon the earth and beyond. People discover that most of their lives are rather ordinary. Few seem to experience lives of fame, although from time to time they do surface. People also discover a tendency to incarnate in groups of souls. These are often our family members. Their is great purpose for this, as they generate the most intense relationships, with the greatest challenge and potential for spiritual growth.  

Many people experience through past life regression the birthing process, discovering that it can be far more difficult and traumatic for the soul personality than the death experience. For it can be likened to a squeezing down or limitation of awareness. The baby remains very connected to its spirit, yet over the following years events occur that cause the child to break its conscious connection with its soul. This is such a shame for humanity, for it limits our potentiality and makes the life experience more challenging than it need be. Death on the other hand is often a great relief. A letting go of all the burdens carried throughout the lifetime. It is a marvelous expansion of awareness when accomplished from the right perspective.

The soul experiences a multitude of lives with the purpose of mastering this thing called life. Before incarnating, a life blue print is designed, incorporating the souls mission and purpose, its potential lessons to be mastered and those people it wishes to intersect with upon the life journey. Of course the soul personality has free will and may not choose to fulfill its blue print. We know this occurs as the life tends to lack meaning or purpose. We often feel lost or out of sorts. Some lives are designed to be easy and some difficult. Many today are facing greater challenges, as we enter the closing period of this age. There has been a powerful spiritual intent to bring resolution and completion to this vast life cycle, for the purposes of en mass spiritual evolution.

I often here people say this will be their last life. Perhaps true, perhaps not. This notion is generally driven by unhappiness and suffering. The purpose is not to escape this life, it is to embrace it, and to come into love and peace with the self and the experience itself. To accomplish this we drop all those historical influences that have limited us, and move into a state of simply being; the grace of the present moment. This is challenging for the western mind, yet quite achievable, as the mass consciousness is changing rapidly, fueling a new awakening of the soul personality.

Past life regressions are not for the purpose of entertainment. Although they are fascinating, this is entirely the wrong motivation. They are most helpful for your spiritual growth and development. There revelations are often at odds with the ego and societies prevailing belief systems. They reveal much suffering and pain. And yet when experienced with right motivation, they liberate us from the suffering and pain we are experiencing today. So this can be a surprise to those not ready for the experience. When the time feels right to explore past life regression, people tend to feel gently compelled from within. It is not a rational thought. It comes from your spirit, simply nudging you in the right direction for your highest good. It just feels right to you.

Past life regressions do not need to impose upon your religious philosophy. In truth they simply add a further spiritual dimension to this wonderful mosaic of life. Call upon God and your spirit, and ask if past life regression is right for you. And if it feels right, follow your heart and discover your magnificent journey though time.

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